If you're choosing a boat without a rudder, we can customise the leg fit for just for you. Instead of adjustable Werner foot pegs, you can choose the position of the forward bulkhead to suit your leg length. This not only reduces the weight of the build while giving you a huge footrest, but you also have the added advantage of a larger forward hatch compartment. We usually measure the bulkhead in from the back of the cockpit and we'll need your guidance to get the position just right as everyone is different. As a start it's best for you to measure from your lumbar to the ball of your toes, when sitting in a comfortable paddling position. We can then measure from a mid-positioned backrest to the bulkhead and add on 50mm of safety. This extra length can then be padded out at your convenience to get the fit just right.

Below: A diagram showing a sitting paddler (blue) and custom forward bulkhead (orange).

Custom bulkhead in Kirton Inuk