Unless you know you're going to work you're boat really hard, with heavy beach landings and other abrasive activities, we don't normally recommend you have a keep strip on a new boat. We always add sacrificial wear layers to the exposed areas of your kayaks to give it the  protection it needs, especially at the ends.

If you think you do need a keelstrip, then the next best option is an internal keep strip. This is possible on all boats with exception of cosmetic natural cloth finished hulls, where we'll need to discuss more creative options with you. With internal keelstrips we add a strip of sacrificial material behind the gelcoat to give the entire keel additional abrasion resistance. If you where through the gelcoat layer, you can rest assured you've not done any lasting damage. A simple gel repair will bring the boat structure back to new.

The alternative option is an external keep strip, which goes on the outside of the hull. This will marginally effect the efficiency of a new hull and it does't look as pretty, so we prefer to retrofit external keelstrips after the boat is showing signs of wear. You have the option of a traditional permanent brush finished composite hull-coloured keelstrip, or the more temporary and smooth self-adhesive plastic KeelEazy strip. Typically we'd recommend a KeelEasy strip on a new boat and a traditional composite keelstrip on a well used hull.