We have two options available for sailing, so you can take advantage of favourable conditions and clock up miles with minimal effort. Remember, kayaks are not as stable as dinghies so if you're new to sailing or kayaks we recommend you use a small downwind sail first.

Kirton basic sail kit

We can install a flush mast foot tube in the boat to take our basic sail system, which is a great introduction to sailing. It's a simple downwind sail that can be trimmed using your paddle to apply force to the main sheet. The kit comes with a 2-piece glass fibre mast and a carry bag so it can easily be stowed on deck and assembled while on the water. For more adventurous sailers, the system can easily be adapted for use with more advanced custom sails. 

Below: Kirton sail kit

Kirton simple sail

Below: Assembled Kirton sail

Below: 2-piece mast in mast foot tube.

Flat Earth sails


We can also fit Flat Earth sails to your new kayak, which bolt directly on the foredeck.

The shaped, battened sails are designed by sailmakers specially for kayaks. The result is a lightweight, responsive sail that's a joy to use. It's robust, simple to deploy and stow and doesn't get in the way of your paddling. The kit comes with easy-to-follow  instructions and it's simple to transfer the sail between kayaks. Flat Earth Sails should not be used in winds above 21 knots (top end force 5). However, it is important to use your own judgement and take into account the weather conditions and your skill levels.


Below: Flat Earth sail fitted to a Kirton M-Ocean