All our sea kayaks come with rudders as standard. Where possible we'll install a transom mount SmartTrack, with an appropriately sized blade. Where it is not possible we will install a deck bayonet fitting.

Rudders help you turn your kayak as well trim the heading of the boat in challenging conditions. You can exchange your rudder for a skeg at no extra cost or even have both, but bear in mind the extra weight and complexity this will add the build.

Rudders can be uphauled 180 degrees when landing to prevent damage to the rudder blade.

Rudder control

As standard we will install the Kirton Butterfly steering system. This incorporates a fixed lower bar or full-plate, (model dependant) so you can drive with your legs, and an curved pivoting upper for rudder control. With feet together in the middle of the of the footrest, pressure can be applied to all parts of the system with negligible effect on the rudder position. Moving your feet the the outside of the footrest, allows easy rudder control. The whole assembly can be adjusted fore and aft by moving the pins to the preferred hole and securing with thumbnuts.

If you prefer pedals, then we will install the KS-FLEX-JOINT system, S. This quick adjust system, provides pegs for your feet to rest on and the ability to steer buy tipping your toes forward. We refuse to drill ugly and unnecessary holes in the hulls of our boat and all fastenings for the peddles are internal.



Below: SmartTrack in lowered position on Inuk Ultra 20

Sea kayak rudder

Below: SmartTrack in raised position on Inuk Ultra 20

Sea kayak rudder

Below: Butterfly footrest (Full plate) on Inuk Ultra 20

Sea kayak rudder

Below: Butterfly footrest for Inuk.

Sea kayak rudder

Below: Alternative KS pedal steering system

KS Flex joint steering system