inuk side sea single kayak inuk top sea single kayak

Key spec
Skeg available: No
Rudder: Optional
Boat weight (from): 19kg
Boat length: 5.50m
Max Beam: 50cm
Constructions: Glass + Diolen, Cbn/Kev, Vac bag
Stability: 4 (Quite unstable)
Hatches & Loading
Hatches: 2 + 1 (optional)
Cockpit style: Ocean
Cockpit Size: 43x51cm
Cockpit height (fwd-aft): 28x25cm
Payload: 125kg
Volume: 270lts
Options & Upgrades
Custom bulkhead
Day hatch/Knee tube



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The benchmark by which other ultra-fast sea kayaks are measured. This classic kayak is the number one option for the experienced paddler. Probably the very first ultra-fast kayak on the market, the Inuk has an unrivalled pedigree.

Performance is everything. The tuned streamline hull makes paddling effortlessly efficient and purists will enjoy the stripped-down-to-the-basics ethic. Thanks to the molded integral skeg, Inuk straight-tracks incredibly well, and there’s no need for a rudder or retractable skeg. The Inuk offers two hatches and there’s plenty of storage space for modest excursions. There’s also the option of an additional forward day hatch, which doubles as a knee tube providing extra bracing support.

Custom forward bulkhead

If you like the simplicity of the original design, swap the rudder for a foam bulkhead. You can choose the position of the forward bulkhead to suit your leg length. We recommend you keep the bulkhead a couple of inches longer than you need and pack it out with foam for extra comfort and future adjustability.

Enjoy the raw experience of paddling, the connoisseurs way.

  • Moulded integral skeg
  • Two water-tight hatches with bulkheads.
  • Optional forward day hatch / knee tube
  • Optional rudder
  • Your choice of colours and design
  • A choice of rugged Kirton constructions

Pricelist & ordering

Options and upgrades

We specialise in making boats that are perfect for you and your paddling. Here's a selection of popular customisation options and accessories that you can request when ordering your Kirton boat. Please note that not all options are suitable for all models.