Kirton Inuk Duo 6.8 double sea kayak Kirton Inuk Duo 6.8

Key spec
Skeg available: Twin skegs
Rudder: Yes
Boat weight (from): 38kg
Boat length: 6.805m
Max Beam: 62.7cm
Height: Bow 40cm, Stern 25cm, Max 45cm
Constructions: Expedition or Ultra-light
Stability: 10 (Very stable)
Payload: 280kg
Hatches & Loading
Hatches: 4 +2 day hatch option
Cockpit style: Keyhole
Cockpit Size (internal): 80x40cm
Cockpit height (fwd-aft): 37.5cm, 29cm
Cockpit height internal (fwd): 33cm
Stern cockpit: External aft height 25.5cm, all else as bow.
Thigh brace width (gap) (fwd-aft): 30cm, 34cm
Fwd compartment: 130ltr, 20cm hatch
Optional fwd day hatches: 6ltr, 10cm hatch
Mid compartment: 80ltr, 25cm hatch
Aft day hatch: 60ltr, 20cm hatch
Aft compartment: 100ltr, 46x27.5cm oval hatch
Options & Upgrades
Day hatch



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Probably the fastest expedition double sea kayak on the market, the Inuk Duo 6.8 double sea kayak really comes into it’s own on long unsupported expeditions. The design emphasis is on stability and sea keeping – it is a true rough water double.

The Inuk Duo has evolved over many years with influences from previous Rob Feloy designs, as well as various one-off specials.

The hull has a deep rocker curvature, deep V-form bow with flat-bottomed mid sections, and even rounded sections running aft to a small transom. The combination of a very deep bow (with a high V fore deck) and pronounced keel rocker enables the kayak to cope really well in the surf-zone which is something doubles are typically poor at. It is exceptionally manoeuvrable too, more so in fact than many single sea kayaks. With the Inuk Duo, you can throw-out the old stereotypes associated with doubles – you can use this boat almost everywhere you would traditionally only use a single, such as the surf zone, tides races and other rough water conditions.

What’s more, the Inuk Duo has positive advantages over singles, especially for extended expeditions. The efficient 22ft Swede form hull has minimal additional drag when compared to a single kayak, so you can get close to double the paddler power against comparable water and wind resistance. Conservatively we estimate you can cover 25-30% more distance for the same effort. The very fact that it is a double kayak makes it a great leveller too, and the Inuk Duo tends to balance paddlers of mismatched strengths, so you can work and remain together as you paddle. It’s an easily driven craft that grants effortless long distance paddling.

The cockpit spacing (between paddlers) enables out-of-sync paddling which is necessary for rough water manoeuvring and control in and on waves.

As this kayak is primarily for long-distance trips, paddler comfort and seating position are all important. The high fore decks and keyhole cockpits give a comfortable and dynamic paddling position, either knees together (K-boat style) or secured under the thigh braces in rougher conditions. The generous width seats are adjustable fore and aft and adjustable back rests are fitted as standard.

The Inuk Duo has a six hatch, five bulkhead layout. Four large hatches are standard and two small day hatches in front of the cockpits are optional additions. There is ample storage in the four water tight compartments and the Inuk Duo will easily carry 100kg of expedition gear. Additional in-cockpit custom storage options are also possible. The kayak comes with the usual deck lines and bungees, and convenient deck balls for easy storage of spare paddles and gear.

The kayak is fitted with a SmartTrack rudder as standard with an adjustable full-plate footrest, incorporating butterfly tiller controls in the forward cockpit. Adjustable foot pegs or a custom position bulkhead can be fitted in the aft cockpit.

Twin skegs

In addition to the rudder, the Inuk Duo comes with twin skegs for the ultimate control. The central skeg (operated from the front cockpit) allows you to the trim the boat and improve tracking performance. The aft skeg (operated from the rear cockpit) provides additional tracking control so you can lock in a course no matter where you’re heading relative to the wind direction. With both skegs deployed and trimmed the boat tracks with barely any need for the rudder, but with both skegs up the boat can turn in its length.

Construction options

The Inuk Ultra 20 is available in two constructions, using our most technologically advanced resin infusion process. Choose from the No.9i (Expedition spec) a carbon reinforced glass fibre construction weighing approximately 50kg or the No.14 ultra light-weight construction (full carbon-kevlar) weighing approximately 40kg. Colours, flash designs and fit-out can be configured to suit your requirements however with the No.14 we recommend white for the most long-lasting and light-weight kayak.

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Options and upgrades

We specialise in making boats that are perfect for you and your paddling. Here's a selection of popular customisation options and accessories that you can request when ordering your Kirton boat. Please note that not all options are suitable for all models.