Klepper folding kayaks

Kirton are delighted to be agents for the world famous range of Klepper folding kayaks and offer their expert knowledge of these craft and their unique qualities which have been built up over many years.

The folding kayak idea

In 1907 a tailor from Rosenheim in Bavaria had a simple idea. This tailor, Johann Klepper, wanted to build a foldable kayak that he could take wherever his heart desired. Klepper's longing for unlimited freedom, travel and adventure ultimately led to the first commercial production of foldable kayaks.




Equipment & tecgnology

Mountain Ash and Baltic Birch Frame

The wood is air dried over three years and every frame member is protected through three dip-painted coats of premium marine varnish. The rugged I- and T- beam construction withstands bending, twisting, and compression. This ensures safe and successful transit through the most adverse environments. The Aerius is carefully engineered for demanding military and expedition use in rough open seas, white-water navigation and sport sailing. The natural wood frame enables quick and easy repair and requires a minimum amount of maintenance to ensure a lifetime of reliable service. For further details, click on 'Performance and Benefits'.Back to Kayak.

Orthopedic Seats

Contour-Molded seats and backrest provide a superior body-to-boat contact. These are arranged in a spacious cockpit for the best trim and efficiency. The seats may be supplemented with an adjustable lower lumbar support system to provide hours of comfortable and stress-free paddling.Back to Kayak.

Cotton / Hemp Deck

All decks are made from selected Egyptian long-staple, self-sealing cotton/hemp. This allows the deck to "breathe". The natural air circulation eliminates excessive condensation and provides natural waterproof insulation. For further details, click on 'Performance and Benefits'.Back to Kayak.

Hypalon Hull

The boat hull is made of Hypalon (natural rubber) which is bonded to an industrial-strength Trevira polyester core. The synthetic rubber offers hull life expectancies of 25-35 years. The Trevira polyester core provides the necessary flexibility for the skin and makes the hull nearly indestructible.Back to Kayak.

Slide'n Snap Fittings

The corrosion-resistant Dural alloy slide'n snap frame fittings make assembly effortless in minutes, provide frame flex under the harshest conditions, and are 100% mud and sand-proof. For further details, click on 'Slide 'n Snap Assembly'.Back to Kayak.

Upwind Sailing

Mast foot, mast support bracket, stayfittings and rudder bracket are standard on all models for the set up of several upwind and downwind sail rigs which range from 14 to 55 square feet of surface area. For further details, click on 'Upwind Sailing'.Back to Kayak.

Hypalon/Trevira Keelstrips

The keel is reinforced with additional Hypalon/Trevira layers which provide superior protection against coral, rock, and man-made hazards.Back to Kayak.

Contour-Molded Rubber Caps

Bow and stern are reinforced with thick contour-molded rubber caps for maximum protection during landings and take-offs.Back to Kayak.

Tow and Lift Fittings

Heavy-duty Dural alloy fittings on the bow and stern of the boat deck allow for 600 pound tow and lift operations.Back to Kayak.

Integrated Air Sponsons

Two (four) internally-mounted, full length air sponsons contain between 65-150 liters of air and assure maximum stability, safety and hull protection. The air sponsons allow for effortless assembly of the boat frame inside the boat skin, maximum protection against capsizing and easy re-entry into a stable very buoyant boat when swamped. For further details, click on 'Safety Engineering'.Back to Kayak.

Bow-to-Stern Warranty

This covers all defects in materials and workmanship. All models of the Klepper Aerius series are hand-crafted in Germany with the finest materials and master workmanship. Proved through decades of use from the arctic to the tropics, Klepper Kayaks are consistently selected by expedition outfitters, military special forces and professional sportsmen.Back to Kayak.

Conversions to: Solo-Paddling, Motoring, Sport Sailing

Conversion to solo paddling is an option for all two seater Aerius models. Conversion to sport sailing and motoring is optional for all Aerius models.





In 1907 a tailor from Rosenheim in Bavaria had a simple idea. This tailor, Johann Klepper, wanted to build a foldable kayak that he could take wherever his heart desired. Klepper's longing for unlimited freedom, travel and adventure ultimately led to the first commercial production of foldable kayaks.


1909 C.E. Layton: Paddled across the English Channel

1923 Karl Schott: Seakayaking from Germany to India

1926 Roald Amundsen: North Pole Expedition

1928 Admiral Byrd: South Pole Expedition

1928 Kapitän Romer: Crossed the Atlantic Ocean

1928 Sven Hedin: Asian Explorations1935 Dr. Sorge: Spitzbergen Expedition

1954 Herbert Rittlinger: Upper Nile and Sudan

1955 Hans Ertl: Anden-Amazon Expedition

1956 Dr. Hannes Lindemann: Sailed across Atlantic Ocean

1970 John Dowd:Seakayaking Singapore-Australian

1978 Konrad Gallei: East coast of Greenland

1979 Charles Porter: Sculled around Cape Horn

1983 Kimmich and Eckstein: Maranon Expedition

1984 Fuchs and Neuber: Winter trip Cape Horn

1985 Fuchs and Porter: Magnetic North Pole

1987 Lindenkamp and Meyer: Tibet Expedition

1989 Howard Rice: Sailed around Cape Horn solo

1991 Gail Ferris: Pt. Barrow Alaska Arctic Ocean

1992 Stiller and Brown: Semi-circumnavigation of Australia

1997 Josef Schächner: Paddled 42.000km

Freedom & adventure


Johann Klepper's idea of traveling and discovering nature is more popular than ever, thanks to increased leisure time and advanced transportation systems. And today the Klepper Folding Kayak series expands the boundaries of adventure travel to levels never before imagined. Over eighty years of precise research and development have led to this unsurpassed world-class folding kayak system with the following four unique design features: an Intergrated Safety System; a Variable Sailing System; a Slide and Snap Assembly; and a Performance, Durability, and Comfort Commitment.

Slide and snap assembly


Klepper Folding Kayaks all use the unique, simple to use 'Slide and Snap' assembly, which requires no tools and is ready in just 15 minutes! Take a look at the three steps illustrated below to see just how simple it really is.




1. Assemble the two 'Slide and Snap' frame-halves

2. Then simply slide into the slack boat skin.

3. Skin and Frame are then 'air-tensioned' by inflating the air sponsons. Ready within 15 minutes.

World class quality


"There is probably no product in the world that's built with more care, more attention to detail, and more integrity than a Klepper. And few things are more satisfying to own and use."


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