THE WORLD'S FINEST FOLDING KAYAKS. If you're after high quality, hand-made collapsible kayaks, then you've come to the right place. Kirton are the number one Klepper agent in the UK, and Klepper have been building folding kayaks since 1907. Discover more about Klepper folding kayaks. Scroll down to choose catagory: Classic, Expedition or Quattro.


The original range of Klepper Aerius boats. Tough CSM skins and beautiful wooden frames, with minimal deck fittings and upgrade options. Popular since the 1930's they are the ideal choice for the casual user. Classics are great for paddling and sailing on rivers and lakes.

As the name suggests the Expedition boats are better equipped for serious use. They are perfect for sailing, motorization, and long-term tours on lakes, rivers and coastlines. They offer high abrasion resistance so are well protected against grounding.

These professional Kayaks offer the ultimate protection against the elements and come with the best features as standard. With four air sponsons (inflatable sections) in stead of the usual two, they are more buoyant and rigid.