mirage side mirage top

Key spec
Crew weight (max): 200kg
Boat length: 6.5M
Beam: 56cm
Constructions: All racing
Stability: 5 (Mid stability)



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This famous 4th edition Kirton design, now called the Mirage Classic , has introduced many many paddlers to the sport of marathon racing. The current version has long cockpits to aid trimming with mis-matched paddler weights and wide set cockpits positions to allow for greater paddling freedom. This classic and capable design is not to be underestimated, and often gets a first ten place in the annual time trial from Devizes to Westminster. With a surprisingly slippy waterline shape and generous secondary stability (from the flared back deck) it's a popular choice for canoe clubs and schools alike.

Available with standard or lowered 2-pin seats for less experienced crews, or performace platform seats for the advanced, looking for an aggressive padding position and greater comfort.

Rudder choice

Both understern and overstern systems are with the Mirage and the choice boils down to having more responsive steering or greater rudder durability. The overstern rudder has a kick-up system so vertical impacts will cause the rudder to rise up and avoid any terminal damage mid-race. However, inexperienced crews may find steering harder as a little foreword planning is required when navigating bends. The understern option is much more responsive, so is easier to steer, but is very exposed and so more prone to damaged. It's not hard to replace an understern on the bank side (providing you have a spare), but a large impact could damage the boat and put you out of the race. Schools in particular might want to consider having your boat set-up to take both options, so developing crews can be moved between systems as they progress.

Seat heights

Here are the seat heights for the different seating options, for comparison only. Typically, the higher the seat the better the paddling position, but this comes at the cost of decreased stability. Seats measured vertically from the hull to the centre-front of the seat and are approximate.

  • 2-pin seat: 4"
  • Low 2-pin seats: 2.25" (NB Fit may require padding)
  • Platform seat: 4.25"
  • Low platform seat: 3.5-3.75"

Pricelist & ordering

Construction options

Kirton boats are built by hand so we can make any boat in any construction - the choice is yours. We have have no frills options for the budget-conscious, alongside elite light-weight constructions for top-ranking professionals that need the best. Of course, there are many options in-between too, to suit every pocket and every need. We can make the boat stiff for sprint racing, or more flexible so it'll withstand the rigors of marathon and recreational use. Whatever your needs we can make the perfect boat for you. Click to see our construction list. Also check out our leg measurement chart, to guarantee a perfect fit.

Customisation options

We specialise in making boats that are perfect for you and your paddling style. Here's a selection of popular customisation options and accessories that you can request when ordering your Kirton boat. Click for details of contact us for more information.