torque side torque top

Key spec
Crew weight (max): 200kg
Boat length: 6.5M
Beam: 50cm
Constructions: All racing
Stability: 8 (Quite Stable)



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A stable racing K2, now in it’s third generation. Building on the successes of the Mystere, Meister and Tor K1, the Torque is the ultimate crew boat for paddlers looking for performance, stability and style.

With a little flatness towards the rear cockpit, and a gentle chine for improved tracking, this is a great stable racing boat for private, clubs and school paddling.

The completely redesigned deck, adds stiffness while reducing weight. Deck cutaways at both cockpit positions allow better access to the water, for improved technique and help with water shedding. It offers an excellent, efficient cruising speed. Crews struggling with balance will likely find it considerably faster that the Kirton Mirage and improve their competitive edge. Recommended for marathon racing and the Devizes to Westminster Easter challenge.

Now available in our latest infusion and vac-bag constructions, with a full range of seat options including light-weight Low and high 2-pin moulded seats.

Note: Despite the Meister's relatively high stability, we do not recommend this boat for absolute beginners. However, it can quickly be mastered by most paddlers, with the correct instruction and plenty of practice.

Pricelist & ordering

Construction options

Kirton boats are built by hand so we can make any boat in any construction - the choice is yours. We have have no frills options for the budget-conscious, alongside elite light-weight constructions for top-ranking professionals that need the best. Of course, there are many options in-between too, to suit every pocket and every need. We can make the boat stiff for sprint racing, or more flexible so it'll withstand the rigors of marathon and recreational use. Whatever your needs we can make the perfect boat for you. Click to see our construction list. Also check out our leg measurement chart, to guarantee a perfect fit.

Customisation options

We specialise in making boats that are perfect for you and your paddling style. Here's a selection of popular customisation options and accessories that you can request when ordering your Kirton boat. Click for details of contact us for more information.