These V-Bar extensions allow you want to get even more boats on to the roof of your van or car. This kit of two adapters, with removable ends, can be mounted between two separate V-Bars or V-Bar aeros (supplied separately).

One kit will convert two V's into a 3-up configuration. Two kits can be used with three V-s to give a 5-up configuration.

Fitting is simple but it does require one 6mm hole to be drilled into the aluminium on each connecting V (four holes in total). Please note, when fitted to Aero V-Bars it is likely that it wont be possible to remove the lower V's, when the extension is mounted, due to the tight alignment of the system.

In the kit

  • 2 x extensions
  • 2 x removable V's
  • 4 x fixing screws
  • 2 x Bungees

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Below: 3-up configuration


Below: 5-up configuration