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School's Kayak championships 2016

It was fantastic weather at Roadford lake last Sunday, (24 April) for the first ever South West School's Kayak Championships 2016, a new independent race proudly supported by the DW Canoe Race.

There was some exciting racing between the crews in the two main events, with an especially close contest in the 200m Knockout as part of the Sprint Championship. Blundell’s School in the end secured both the Sprint and the Marathon Team titles winning the new 50th 50th Anniversary Kirton trophies. Francis Huntingford and Dougal Glaisher (DW 2016 Junior winners) excelled again, showcasing there paddling talents at the front of the pack.

Spread the word! Hopefully we’ll see even more of you next year to make this championships even more exciting.

Thanks to everyone that turned up and a huge thanks Jim Ross for all of his efforts pulling the event together and Fowey River Canoe Club for organising the parent event, the Roadford Hasler 2016

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