DW 2016: Race report

It was a dramatic DW this Easter, with the last day of the four day race being cancelled due to poor weather. But Blundell’s School racers, Dougal and Francis, put in a fantastic effort and brought home a win in our Kirton Marauder L/V.

Far from an easy win, the race was a neck-and-neck with Fowey Crew Daniel Palmer and Bronte Holden coming just 28 seconds behind.

Dougal & Francis from Blundell's

Dougal & Francis from Blundell's

Above: Blundell's Junious winners Dougal Glaisher and Francis Huntingford. Winning time 15:03:21.

It has also been a good year for the evergreen Mirage's, taking 5th and 8th place in the senior straight-through event. Well done to Paul Baker and Oliver Whitby (5th) and Jamie Piper and Kirtons own Andy Worth.

If we've missed anyone out, please drop us a line and we'll give them a special mention too.

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