Sliding footrest Update

We've been busy working on some fantastic updates to the sliding footrest system.


The sliding footrest system is a robust, quick adjust footrest system that is especially popular with clubs and shared boats, as it is much more convenient and can handle misuse. Is also popular where boat weight is less critical, as it is tough enough for powerful leg-driving paddlers.


You'll be glad to hear, the tried and tested sliding mechanism itself is unchanged (simply flick two cam levers and the footrest is free to slide) however the footrest is now compatible with more accessories and is even more beautiful than before.


New look

The new black look provides extra corrosion resistance as well as an improved overall look.


Adjustable tiller mount

All new boats fitted with the adjustable footrest will come with a dedicated mount to take the adjustable tiller bar, so you can keep the tiller bar at the optimal length no matter where you set the footrest length. All you need to do is loosen one thumb screw.

It also is a fantastic partner for a pull bar, as the tiller length can be positioned so it clears the pull bar no matter how tight you have it against your feet.


Pull bar mount

For a super strong pull bar, we've increase the size of the foot plate brace so it extends up the sides of the tiller slot. No only is this a even stronger support, but most importantly is it allows a pull bar to be easily mounted at the desired hight. All you need to do is a drill a hole though the foot plate and aluminium and attach one of our universal pull bar kits.



Heel plate

Coming soon! A sneaky look at an up and coming Kirton development. Our solution to a full-width full-plate footrest, the adjustable heel plate. With a smooth and ultra tough aluminium channel fitted to the hull, this moulded plate offers an incredibly solid plant for your heels so you can drive hard with your legs without overloading the footrest. You still have access to the footrest behind, so there's plenty of room to swing the tiller, which is not the case with systems offering fittings forward of the foot plate. More on this development soon.




Hooked foot plate

Still in the early stages of development, the hooked footrest is new ergonomic composite foot plate that stops the feet from slipping up the footrest.