A special aluminium tiller bar which can be quickly adjusted in length by loosening one retaining screw. This is designed to fit with sliding footrests (supplied with boat from September 2014), but can also be fitted to the standard footrest system using a specially adapted tiller cross bar. Especially useful with pull bars as the tiller can easily be shortened so doesn't foul on the pull bar. This allows for a very snug pull-bar set up.

Typical adjustable range is 250-350mm length, but shorter may be possible providing there is sufficient clearance between the footrest and forward buoyancy. Tiller bar also requires 2 x cable nipples supplied separately.

Before purchase please ensure your sliding footrest has the suitable mounting hole to take the adjustable tiller, and check there is sufficient clearance between the footrest and buoyancy.

  • Quick adjust using one screw.
  • Always have the correct amount of tiller when using the sliding footrest system (post Sept 2014)
  • Allows for a more comfortable pull-bar setup on the standard footrest. Seporate tiller cross bar required.

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Below: Pictured the steering wire fixing system using two cable nipples.


Below: Adjustable tiller fitted to a sliding footrest (from Sept 2014)