DW 2014: Kirton winners

It's been another fantastic year for Kirton in the epic 125 mile Devises to Westminster race, with Kirton boats dominating in all classes.


We're especially proud of our Senior doubles paddlers, who secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and many more top-ranking positions besides. The winning time this year was and incredible 17:23:35 set by Pearce & Southey from Fowey River CC.


If we've missed anyone out, please drop us a line and we'll give them a special mention too.


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Below in order, the winning Seniour doubles: Pearce & Southey, Beazley & Smythe, King & King







Seniour Doubles

1st place ~ No.11s Mustang

Ryan Pearce & Michael Southey ~ 17:23:35

2nd place ~ Vac-bag Regina

Daniel Beazley & James Smythe ~ 17:55:59


3rd place ~ Vac-bag Regina

Steve King & Rob King ~ 17:55:59

Mixed Juniour Doubles

1st place ~ Mustang

Jenna Govier & Jamie Unwin


1st place ~ Mirage

Jorg & Tanya Herwanger


TEAM: Three fastest junior doubles

1st Place ~ Churcher's College

2nd Place ~ Marlborough College

3rd Place ~ Dauntseys School

4th Place ~ Kimbolton School CC


Team: Three fastest senior doubles

1st Place ~ Exeter CC ~ 65:44:41(Vac Bag Mirage 4 & 2 x No.11s Mirage 4)

Jenna Feris & and Worth, Barry McKenna & Gary Wakly, Colin heard & Jamie piper.




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