THe New Kirton GHOsT

Two years in the running. Designed and built from the ground up. This top-flight racer brings the latest innovations and features to the Kirton range. With routes stemming back to the internationally successful Talon, we’ve referenced the core dimensions and lines from the original Talon drawings, and updated almost every aspect to bring you the Ghost.


The result is a fresh evolution that parallels the Tactic, with tack-sharp modern styling and an improved positive paddling experience. It's ideal for fast paddlers weighing between 80-100kg. Here are few more of our favourite new upgrades.






We’ve raised the bow, and reshaped the nose for improved wave penetration and a positive, confident feel while on the water. We’re particularly happy with the look of that beautiful sweeping seamline at the bow too! Gorgeous. 


The cockpit has been narrowed and raised a little, to allow better paddle entry and maximise performance on the wash. This move has also enabled us to create finer entry lines at the higher water lines, so there is ultimately less resistance – especially in chop.



A rounded rear deck provides excellent water-shedding performance, helps to neutralise crosswind tracking, and improves buoyancy in rough conditions. It also gives additional strength and stiffness to the hull, helping maintain the designed waterline shape at all times.



We’ve enlarged the foot well to accommodate all feet, both little and large, and also to allow maximum tiller movement for greater rudder control – a must for all marathon paddlers, and a nice bonus for sprinters too! 


The elegant deck styling, brings the Ghost bang up to date. It’s understated, aggressive and just a bit different. It’s not just looks, though. We’ve avoided placing unnecessary details and cut-aways near the waterline to ensure perfect tangency between deck and hull in the cross section. In short, this ensures he boat won’t bury and will remain predictable when the wind and waves pick up.


There more coming soon, so keep checking back for updates.


To find out more about the Ghost click here.




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