Here are a a few of our favourite online resources and links. If you're not on this list, and you think you should be, then drop us a line!


Agents / Stockists


Not only do they stock and demo our sea kayaks, they are set in one of the most beautiful places in England and run thier own fantastic expeditions and courses too.

AS Watersports

One of the finests Kayak and Canoe shops in the country. Based in Exeter, and orginally set-up by Kirton, they sell gear and boats in all diceplines.

Mississippi Kayaks

Serviceing North America and Canada, you'll bound find stock of our stable K1s here such as the Tor. 



Resources (technique)

A well animated instuction manual for paddling technique. It's mostly aimed at sea kayakers but there's plenty of general advice here for all diceplines. Great for new comers to the sport.


Canoeing Calendar (Race dates)

The best way to keep up to date with all racing events in the UK and other major events the world over. 

Scouts guide to knots (Race dates)

Some good visual diagrams for common knots



Exeter Canoe Club

Our friendly local club, with great facilities and a large range of Kirton club boats for all members to use. If you're based in the South West, and want to get started in the sport then this is the place to go... Unless of course you're in Cornwall, then speak to the lovely peaple at Fowey River Canoe Club ;)

Water Side Series

A series or races disigned as a build-up to the DW. Get registered and find out more info here. 

Devises to Westminster Race

refered to as simple 'The D.W.', it's one of the most challending endurence races of all time. Get registered and find out more info here. Alternativly, visit our own DW page