From electric motor, sails and trolleys, to replacement frame parts and comfort seats. We can supply any Klepper original part. Below you’ll see a small selection of the most popular tried-and-tested Klepper accessories. If you have any questions, please get in touch or browse the catalogue for more options and pictures.

Rudder kits

All Klepper Aerius models benefit from the use of a rudder, especially in moving water and in windy conditions, where the handling is much improved. There are two basic types, which are supplied complete with cables and foot pedals (rear paddler steers in a double).

Both styles, kick-up if they are impacted from the front, and can be hauled-up for protection. Either can be used with length adjustable rail-mounted pedals (suitable for 490 and 545) or keelboard clamp-mounted pedals (suitable for 450 and 520).


The comfort rudder is has a one-piece dagger style blade, that nice and deep where it can gets plenty of clean water even in the rough. This can be folded flat onto the deck of the kayak. 


The original rudder is a completely collapsible (the cross-piece is detachable) and has a shallow blade that is more rounded, making it more suitable for shallow or weedy water. 


Pictured fromleft: A complete comfort rudder kit. A standard rudder blade. A fitted comfort rudder.accs-rudder


Spray decks

In bad weather you'll want to keep the weather and rain our of the cockpit area, for safety and comfort. For this you'll need a spray deck. These simply Velcro onto the cockpit coaming and offer quick access for each paddler via a short Velcro side opening. Double cockpits are available in a solo paddling option.





Klepper provide a good range of high-quality paddles, specifically for their craft. There is a range of price-points to choose from depending on your ability and needs. What makes them stand out from other manufacturers is the extra long shaft, which makes it easy to reach the water when sat in the craft.

Pictured from the top: Danube (basic) Isar (Asymetric wood), Mangfall (light-weigh epoxy fiberglass) 



Klepper Kayaks were made to be sailed. Every model can support a mast in the hole at the front of the cockpit, and there are three basic types to choose from, listed below. Each kit can be quickly folded and packed into a single bag that can easily be stowed on-board.

S1 and S2 kits come with leeboards, and leeboard carrier for extra control and stability but we also recommend the use of inflatable outriggers for ultimate stability and safety. Optional extras include: handtiller, hiking seat, Traveller Downhaul set.


Freewind Drift sail: An easy-to-use light-weight (1.8kg) downwind sail to take advantage of a tail wind and speed up your journey with minimal effort

S1 sail kit: A fully featured 2.5m sq. S1 sail for single Kleppers (also suitable for a relaxed experience in a double);

S2 sail kit: A large 5m sq. sail for doubles.


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Pictured from the left: S1 sail, Sl sail with outriggers, S2 sail (on double). 



The standard padded sliding seats, with backrests, are comfortable enough for the casual paddler but as everyone is different shapes you may prefer to look at one of other options such as: The lumbar support to be fitted to a standard seat for extra lower back support; The one-piece Comfort seat with integrated angle adjustable backrest; the Ergo seat with waterproof inflatable backrest that attaches to the cockpit in place of the standard backrest. There are also three seat elevators that can be combined to give a higher paddling position.


Pictured from the left: Comfort seat, 2x Elevator pads, lumbar support, Ergo seat


Care products

Klepper kayaks don't require very maintenance at all - rinse with fresh water and air dry before packing and it'll last years. But with a bit of care they will last decade after decade. Wood varnish, CSM rubber care, adhesive, internal Talc, deck impregnation, repair kits (with glue and deck and hull material) and more are all available on request. Please note that flammable liquids cannot be posted.



Motors & solar power

If effortless travel is more your style, then we have solutions for that too. For those that like to keep things simple, there's the coaming mounted engine bracket, that can take your existing a 500w (max) electric motor.


For those that like the eco touch, a tail mounted electric motor is also available, that also doubles up as rudder when the engine is disengaged. To complement this set-up, front and rear solar panels area available, along with a selection of high-capacity and light-weight high-tech batteries.

Pictured from the left: Engine bracket, tail mounted motor (in rudder mode), solar panels


accs-maintainance-smlSPARES IN STOCK

We carry a large range of small stock items for repair, including rod holders, alloy clips, hooks tongues, keel strips and T-Pieces. The list is far too long to list here, so please get in touch for a quote and available stock.