tactic-side tactic-side

Key spec
Paddler weight (Optimum): 60-75kg
Boat length: 5.2M
Beam: 40cm
Constructions: All racing
Stability: 1 (very unstable)



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Based on the incredible successes of the Talon, the Tactic is the ultimate racing kayak for the experienced paddler weighing up to 75kg. With fully rounded sections across the majority of the hull, surface friction is reduced for maximum speed (performance). The generous wide cockpit allows all body shapes to move unimpeded, without adversely affecting the waterline shape.


Heavy cutaways on the front deck enable near vertical paddle entry for maximum forward power. Combined with our top-specification light-weight constructions, this is a formidable beast for marathon and sprint. They don't come faster than this!


+ Wide cockpit for all body shapes

+ Balanced and predictable handling

+ Platform seat only

+ Reduced surface resistance for maximum speed