talisman-side talisman-side

Key spec
Paddler weight (Optimum): 60-100kg
Boat length: 5.2M
Beam: 51cm
Constructions: All racing
Stability: 8 (Quite Stable)


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It was noted that more paddlers were entering races who were unable to handle the standard competition K1 but yet did not wish to paddle a touring class kayak so the Talisman was conceived to look and behave like a true competition K1 but but with extra stability.

A unique hull design from Kirton, and perfect for the aspirational kayaker looking to develop their paddling technique and core stability. Sharing the same diamond-shape deck as traditional racing designs, the Talisman has the substance and style of a true race kayak, but without the unnerving wobble. All paddlers will appreciate it's comforting initial stability, thanks to the flattened hull shape which replicates the feel of a much wider craft. The reinforced v’eed keel improves tracking and rigidity, and when combined with fine bow lines, gives the Talisman an impressive turn of speed and a competitive edge.

Probably the most remarkable feature of the Talisman comes in its ability to actively encourage good paddling technique and posture. The steep sides make it more challenging to sit than our most stable boats, so optimal performance can only be achieved with focus, correct balance and even paddle strokes. However, it's stable enough to be mastered quickly, allowing your confidence and ability to flourish.

+ Fine bow to allow clear paddle entry to the water.
+ Good primary and secondary stability for developing paddlers
+ Traditional sleek racing appearance.


Kirton Design by David Green