kirton Signet

Our most complete catalogue ever. Here you'll find a listing of all our past models going back through the decades. If you have photos or information that you'd to contribute to this archive, please get in touch.

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Kirton ranger

A compete list of all our old flat water racing singles racing kayaks.

Kirton Mirage 3

Racing doubles have been at the core of Kirton from the beginning. Check out our legacy models here.

Kirton Winner

Here are our K4 four-man models. These are the longest boats we make - technically and physically a tough build challenge.

kirton Delta

Over the years we've made a full rance of canoes including C1s, C2s and C4s.

Kirton Meridian

Most of our sea kayaks are still in production, as long serving work-horses, but here are the sea-going craft we have gracefully retired.

Kirton Dart

Marathon racings, wasn’t always known by that moniker. In the good old days, it was called Long Distance and had a number of special racing classes. Here are our LD boats.

kirton Saga

Our old range of super stable touring doubles, which preceded modern rotamoulded plastic models.

kirton Saga

Our historical range of touring singles designed for enjoyment on canals and rivers.

Kirton Kanook Kirton Prospector

Before rota-moulded plastic boats were possible, we were making some fine touring Canadian canoes.

kirton Slalom Kayaks

Believe it or not, Kirton's first creations were Slalom Kayaks. Here's our complete range. We're a bit short on photos from this era so please get in touch if you have anything you'd like to include.

Kirton Slalom canoes

We only made a few slalom canoes. Here's everything from our archive. If you have action shots of these boats in use we'd love to see them and share them.

kirton Vega

Although quite a limmited range, we even used to make kayaks to enjoy on the sea and it's surf.

kirton River *1

Back in the 70's and 80's we were committed to making some excellent White Water Racing boats. Here is a list of all the craft we made.

kirton Bat

Our boats which don’t fit neatly into the other, more conventional, categories.