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Our story...

We've been making world-class kayaks since 1966. To celebrate over 50 years of designing, building and paddling kayaks and canoes, we've created these pages to tell you our story and showcase our old boats and more. To start please click one of the headings below teh gallery.

A huge thanks to everyoe involved for making these pages possible. Special thanks to: Dave Green, Molly Green and Mike Fennessy

  • 1972-by-Mike-Fennessy---Newbridge
  • 1974-by-Mark-Lewis-Exe-Decent-2
  • 1974-by-Mark-Lewis-Exe-Decent
  • 1988-world-champs-org-team
  • 1994-Brittany-ferry-portugal-trailer-full
  • KK-1972-boat-store-Bills-building0001
  • KK-tony-in-workshop
  • Off-to-Twickenham
  • Surfing-at-woolicombe-1969
  • arival-load-molly
  • kk-on-quay0001

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kirton Signet

Our most complete catalogue ever. Here you'll find a listing of all our past models going back through the decades. If you have photos or information that you'd to contribute to this archive, please get in touch.

Kirton historical articles

A brief history of canoe manufacturing methods, Struer and more interesting articles for the canoe geeks out there.

Kirton archive brochure

A selection of old leaflets, brochures and artwork from the KK archives