Here you can choose which materials your boat is made from and how it is put together. Your choice will affect the weight, cost and rigidity of your boat. Not all Marathon and Sprint  constructions are available in all of our ranges (Standard, Club, Custom and X-Spec) so check out our price list first for a full break down.

We are renowned for the quality and longevity of our constructions, as we use only the finest quality materials, in the optimal quantity, using the best jointing methods. We have developed an extensive range of options specifically for Marathon, Racing, Sea and Touring kayaks.

Our most popular constructions can be found below below, but like a good restaurant, we're also able to adapt and tweak the ingredients that go into our boats, to better suit special and specific uses. We have a huge range (developed over the last fifty years) that can be called on if needed. Whether you need your kayak stiffer, lighter, tougher or more wear resistant, we can suggest alternatives so you get the best possible craft for you.

Handlay or Vac Bag?

Traditional Handlay is a highly skilled process, where lengths of fabric are consolidated with resin, by hand, into a female mould. As a rule, this results in a more flexible lay-up that's tough (ding and dent proof) and well-priced. In contrast, our intensive Vac Bag process allows us to use more exotic core materials and resins. We use a vacuum to apply pressure to the laminate, achieving maximum consolidation and fibre ratio. Our Vac Bags are heat-cured for improved properties. The result is both lighter and stiffer and the choice for performance racing.




Note: All weights are approximate and weight vary depending on the model. Weights are quoted with standard fittings (seats and footrests) but without optional extra fittings.

No.1 Fibreglass    k1=12kg    K2=20kg

A high quality fibreglass Handlay, with fine cloth layers for improved durability and finish. A strong economically priced kayak that is ideal for club use and racing. Available from our Standard and Club ranges.

No.11 Full Carbon/Kevlar    K1=10.5KG    K2=18KG

Upgraded for 2020 and now even tougher. The extreme marathon Handlay construction. Perfect for races such as the DW. A generous, tough carbon/Kevlar build. Finished in natural cloth as standard. Seamed inside and out with Kevlar and glass. Available from our Standard, Club and Custom ranges.

No.14 Carbon Vac Bag  K1=9KG    K2=16.5KG

A light-weight sandwich Vac Bag construction that is more dent resistant than a typical foam core. Stiffer than a Handlay too, but with enough flex to absorb light impacts. Please note that this boat comes in opaque colours as standard. Available from our Standard, Custom and X-Spec ranges.

No.12 Ultra lightweight Vac Bag   K1 = 8KG    K2 = 12KG

Refreshed and upgraded for 2020. OuUr flagship construction now included even more carbon. Probably the finest construction on the market today. Using a special two-stage epoxy process, layering carbon fibre with a quality rigid foam core. Triple seamed seams inside and out for strength and durability. Available from our Custom and X-Spec ranges.

Note: To achieve the minimum marathon weights, a stability 1-3 hull must be selected and care should be given to the choice of colours, avoiding the vibrant tones and decks flashes.



Our target is to produce all sprint boats to the minimum racing weight (K1=12kg, k2=18kg) irrespective of the construction choice. However, with larger boats it may not be possible to achieve this with the entry-level construction.

No.8 Extra Rigid Carbon

A full carbon fibre Handlay with a durable solid core. This produces great stiffness and durability for everyday use and sprint racing. Natural finish available. Available from our Standard, Custom and X-Spec ranges.

No.13x Elite Sprint

A special, highly-engineered, epoxy resin Vac Bag with sprint racing in mind. A blend of carbon fabrics, unidirectional carbon and honeycomb. Comes with a seamless bow as standard.


Sea Kayaks

We design and build everything here in the UK and are truly passionate about what we do. Our ethos is simplicity. We make tough boats that are reliable, lightweight and easy to maintain. If you are after something special check out our No.14 Elite carbon/Kevlar Construction for amazing weight savings.

No.1 Glass Fibre Expedition

Our entry-level non-nonsense glass-fibre and Diolen reinforced construction. A combination of chopped strand matt, woven roving and Diolen to make a tough and economically priced kayak. Seamed inside and out for extra strength and durability.

No.11 Carbon/Kevlar Expedition

An extra-tough and beautiful laminate. Generously reinforced with premium light-weight carbon/Kevlar fabrics for maximum toughness. The hull surface can be left clear to show off the exotic weave for a premium look. Seamed inside and out.

No.10 Carbon/Kevlar Light-weight

Taking the best of the No.11 Expedition and No.14 for a great value weight-saving kayak. A seriously high-tech hull laminate with layers of premium Kevlar and carbon fabrics, Vac Bagged with a sandwich core. Decked with carbon and Kevlar reinforced glass fibre.

No.14 Carbon/Kevlar Elite Light-weight

A custom vac bag construction for the ultimate light and stiff sea kayak - it’s unlike any other. This detailed, no-compromise build blends performance carbon/Kevlar fibres, carbon and glass cloth, heat cured epoxy resin with an insulating, resilient core.

Four reasons to choose Kirton

We are passionate about build-quality and we go above and beyond to ensure our boats are as tough as we can possible make them. Click here to learn more about the key features of our boats.