We offer two footpump options to get the water out of your boat as you paddle. These can either be factory fitted, or retro-fitted at home.

The single pump is most suitable for K1 and includes one large 15cm rubber pump, along with all the tubing, inlets and valves you’ll need to get the job done. This weights approximately 310g. The double pump uses smaller 12cm pumps and includes all the bits you need to set them up to work in series or parallel. This weights 450g. If you buy a kit, we’ll throw in some illustrations so you can see the options available, and choose the best for you.

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[Below] The parts supplied with the K1/Single footpump


[Below] All parts supplied with the K2/Double footpump


[Below] K2 double footpump as viewed from front cockpit. Note the pickup mounted beneath the platform.

k2-footpump fitted

k2-footpump fitted