A complete list of available colours you can choose from. We use the RAL standard where possible. Remember, these swatches are only approximate and will vary in tone depending on the quality of the screen you are using. To Try these colours on a boat template, check out our Boat Designer App.


  • 5001_Slate_Blue5001_Slate_Blue
  • 5002_Blue5002_Blue
  • 5005_Signal_Blue5005_Signal_Blue
  • 5011_steel_blue5011_steel_blue
  • 5015_Renault_blue5015_Renault_blue
  • Duck_eggDuck_egg

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  • 5018_Turquoise5018_Turquoise
  • 6018-yellow-green6018-yellow-green
  • British_racing_greenBritish_racing_green
  • Eco-greenEco-green
  • Grass_greenGrass_green

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  • 1003_Signal_Yellow1003_Signal_Yellow
  • 1016_Sulfur_yellow1016_Sulfur_yellow
  • Off_whiteOff_white
  • Traffic_yellowTraffic_yellow

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  • 2002_Blood_Orange2002_Blood_Orange
  • 3003_ruby_red3003_ruby_red
  • 3005_Maroon3005_Maroon
  • 3020_red3020_red
  • 4008_signal_violet4008_signal_violet
  • 4010_Cerise4010_Cerise
  • Pirate_redPirate_red
  • TangerineTangerine

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Blacks, greys & whites

  • 7021_Grey_Black7021_Grey_Black
  • 7042_Traffic_Grey7042_Traffic_Grey
  • 7043_Dark_Traffic7043_Dark_Traffic
  • 9002_Grey_White9002_Grey_White
  • BlackBlack
  • WhiteWhite

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Natural cloth & specials

  • AluminiumAluminium
  • Carbon-kevlarCarbon-kevlar
  • CarbonCarbon
  • KevlarKevlar
  • Metal_flakeMetal_flake

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Colour customisation

With any UK built boat (with exception of the economy blue construction Tor and Mystere) you can choose your preferred colours for the following areas:

  • Deck: The base colour used for the top of the boat.
  • Hull: The block used across  the entire hull.
  • Trim - Seam: The band around the length of the boat which separates the  deck from the hull.
  • Trim - Seat: We can tint your seat to match your boat or club colours.
  • Trim - Rim: The band around the top edge of the cockpit. It is recommended that this be the same colour as the seam line.
  • Flash: We can add single colour or multicolour flash to your deck. From a single diagonal stripe on the back deck to more complex longitudinal flashes that take a bit more time.
  • Sparkle and Metalic: There may be an additional charge for metalic and metal flake finishes. We have a range of flake options and backing colours so please ask for detials.


Choose from our stylish flash designs or create your own. We'll give you all the help and advice you need to personalise your Kirton. Click here for more



Colour facts

  • Adding a pigment to your boat can add a small amount of weight to the final product, which may be important to those that  portage regularly. Adding pigment to the hull adds the most weight.
  • Vac bag boat use epoxy resin which is sensitive to heat and light. Adding a light-coloured pigment will help protect your boat from the elements.
  • White based pigments cover better than bright primary pigments which helps to produce a lighter boat. Never choose yellow if you want a light-weight.
  • It's well known that dark colours get hot in the sun. This can cause composites to ripple and move, this is why the majority of yachts are white. If you want a boat that will keep it's looks for longer, choose white.
  • Metal flake finishes use more gelcoat than other finishes so will have a negative effect on the overall weight.