Strong, simple and safe. This aluminium V-Bar kit is perfect for carrying K1 and K2 kayaks on your roof rack. Padded 1ft arms cradle your kayak and hold it firm while you’re on the road. The 7ft V-bar comes with two standard U-Bolts and two bungees that can be looped over the pegs on the V's.

This system can be extended to carry up to five kayaks. Two or three V-bars can be bolted together using special ‘X’ shape pieces to make a 3-up or 5-up kayak rack.

The bar profile is 1.5in square.

Need home delivery. Try the V-Bar Aero kit.

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Please note, this item is in stock but is not suitible for home delivery due to high delivery costs. Please contact us directly if you'd like to arrange a collection of a V-Bar kit.


[Below] Equipment supplied with V-Bar: Two standard bolts and two bungees.