Peter Cockram

Header: Pete Cockram, Director.
Top: Matt Cockram, Factory Manager. Middle: Ben Turner, Office Manager. Bottom: Peter Bray (Atlantic crossing)

Below: David Green, Kirton founder and boat designer.

Kirton Kayaks is a family business based in the UK, directed by Peter Cockram (above). We specialise in making hand-made kayaks to market leading standards. 

In fact, our boats are renowned for being incredibly rugged and long-lasting, which is why they're the number one choice for club use. They are surprisingly lightweight too, and our K1 racing kayaks rarely clock in over 12kg, even if you opt for our cheapest Economy constructions.

A brief history

We've been in the game for over 50-years, so have unchallenged knowledge when it comes to designing, building and repairing laminated boats. As such our after-sales service is also the best you'll find. If you have a problem with your Kirton at any point, get in touch and we'll do our best to get it shipshape for you at a reasonable cost. If the fault is ours, then we'll fix it free of charge and you can't say fairer than that.

Historically, we've always been an ambitious and innovative company. In the early years of fibre-glass, our work on improving laminates paved the way for the modern constructions you see today. Our work was so successful, we became the only company trusted enough to manufacturer the famous Struer boats under license.

Skipping forward though the years, Kirton was the first in Europe to work vacuum bagging techniques too, for elite, ultra-light, ultra-rigid sandwich constructions. We've even shown others how it's done.

Our boats have won more medals in the DW (Devizes to Westminster) marathon than anyone else, across the classes, which is a testament to their quality. We're also holders for all current time records.

Our boats

The majority of our boats are designed from scratch by David Green (below), one of the founding members of the company. There's a wide range available, for paddlers of all abilities and we're proud to be able to offer something truly original to the market. We're constantly working on new deigns so keep checking back to see what's in the pipe-line.

It's not all about Sprint and Marathon Kayaks, though. We also work closely with Rob Feloy, designer of many sea kayaks including the popular C-Trek. Together we've created formidable custom craft. One of our greatest achievements came in seeing Peter Bray safely across the North Atlantic on the first ever solo unassisted kayak crossing.


Kirton and Klepper

Then there's Klepper, and we are their leading UK agent. Klepper produce the best folding kayaks in world, and their modular system means you can replace any part to keep it going for decades. Proven in all conditions, even the most extreme, these German designed craft are a heady blend of art and ingenious engineering. They pack down into three convenient bags for easy transport, but in 20-minutes can be transformed into solid structures, that are as seaworthy as ships. For more info, check out our Klepper pages.

We'll be happy to assist with any request you have, big or small, so drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help.

Kirton's latest recruits

New to the business are family members Matt Cockram and Ben Turner (above right). Matt is well under way to mastering the craft of Kayak construction, while Ben is busy in the office and the first point of contact if you have any questions. You'll see them around at events so feel free to pop over for a chat.