If you need to regularly adjust the length of your footrest, then our sliding system makes things much easier. It’s perfect for clubs and offer and additional inche or movment (120mm altogether). Simply push up the levers (under the footrest) to release the pins, and then slide the footrest into position. When you’re done, snap the pins back into place to lock it off. For images click here.

The  new black-look footrest comes with an ultra tough mounting point for pull bars (requires drilling) and an additional mounting point for the aluminium adjustable tiller bar, sold seporatly. 

This system offers seven positions, and is very robust. We don’t recommend it for ultra-light boats, however, as it weights up to 400g more then our standard system.

Kit contains base board with locking mechanism, and sliding footrest. TILLER BAR NOT INCLUDED.

Note: This footrest needs to be tailored to fit you boat, and may require knowlege of working with fibreglass to fit. However, it can be drilled and bolded to existing side plates if your boat comes with a standard footrest. Please do not purchase this item if you are unsure about the fitting processes involved.

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[Below] Front sliding footrest, comes without tiller bar,


[Below] rear sliding footrest