ctrek16 side sea single kayak ctrek16 top sea single kayak

Key spec
Skeg available: Standard
Rudder: Optional
Boat weight (from): 17kg
Boat length: 5.02m
Max Beam: 58cm
Constructions: Glass + Diolen, Cbn/Kev Vac bag
Stability: 8 (Quite stable)
Hatches & Loading
Hatches: 3 + 1 (optional)
Cockpit style: Keyhole
Cockpit Size: 81x42cm
Cockpit height (fwd-aft): 30x19cm
Payload: 170kg
Options & Upgrades
Custom bulkhead
Day hatch



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The ultimate all-rounder. Meet the C-Trek 18's baby brother, the C-Trek 16. But don’t let the size fool you. Being approximately two-foot sorter, its reduced length is its strength. Imagine the C-trek 18 Expedition only lighter, more maneuverable and much more convenient to handle out of the water. That’s the C-Trek 16 in a nutshell. It really is suitable for paddlers of all abilities from absolute beginners right through to the experienced expedition paddler. It’s incredible maneuverability makes it the standout choice for rock hopping, and the Kirton’s rugged constructions will take the knocks and bumps of everyday use.

The efficient hull design makes full use of the boat’s overall length, so it performs as well as many kayaks that are a full foot longer. This means you can keep with the big boys with minimal effort.

The rounded cross-sections give a solid and stable platform that’s very forgiving for the beginner paddler. It will continue to delivery satisfaction and performance as you improve.

The deck also benefits form the latest, high-quality Kajak Sport hatches and fittings to optimise security and performance.

The C-trek 16 is fun, responsive and offers excellent performance.

Key features

  • Optional custom skeg with trim control.
  • Three sealed hatch compartments
  • Optional forward day hatch.
  • Tow/Security bar on rear deck
  • Compass mounting point (optional compass available)
  • Your choice of colours and design
  • A choice of rugged Kirton constructions
  • Compartment volumes: Fwd 70ltr, Mid 40ltr, Aft 100ltr (approx.)
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Options and upgrades

We specialise in making boats that are perfect for you and your paddling. Here's a selection of popular customisation options and accessories that you can request when ordering your Kirton boat. Please note that not all options are suitable for all models.