Here you can choose which materials your boat is made from and how it is put together. Your choise will affect the weight, cost and rigidity of your boat. 

We are renowned for the quality and longevity of our constructions, as we use only the finest quality materials, in the optimal quantity, using the best jointing methods. We have developed an extensive range of options specifically for Marathon, Racing, Sea and Touring kayaks.

A range of our most popular constructions can be found below below, but like a good restaurant, we're also able to adapt and tweak the ingredients that go into our boats, to better suit special and specific uses. We have a huge range (developed over the last fifty years) that can be called on if needed. Whether you need your kayak stiffer, lighter, tougher or more wear resistant, we can suggest alternatives so you get the best possible craft for you.



These are our standard constructions for Marathon Racing. We have over fifty years of experience and have lots of other construction options to suit every occasion. If you're after something specific, that's not mentioned here, then get in touch.

Note: All weights are approximate and weight vary depending on the model. Weights are quoted with seats but without optional extra fittings.

No 1. Superior Budget    k1=12kg    K2=20kg

A high quality G.R.P. (glass-reinforced plastic) construction, with additional fine layer of cloth for improved performance and finish. A combination of chopped strand matt and several layers of woven roving to make a strong economically priced kayak or canoe. Fitted with adjustable position and angle footrest, ethafoam buoyancy, overstern or understern rudder.

No 9i Ultra-tough Vaccume    K1=11KG    K2=19KG

For the ultimate durability and wear resistance. This FibreCore construction is created using our most advanced vacuum technology. We are able to achieve unprecedented fibre ratios while keeping weight at a minimum. This produces a craft with up to 60% more structural reinforcement compared to traditional construction methods. Add in to the mix high performance resins and carbon fibre stiffening and you have an incredible high impact and abrasion resistant hull that is easy to maintain and repair. 

No 11. Full Carbon/Kevlar    K1=10KG    K2=17.5KG

Our most popular choice. This Carbon-Kevlar construction is tougher than the no.1, lighter and prettier.The hull has a centre core of glassfibre woven roving, generously covered on either side with high-performance Carbon-Kevlar. The deck is also a blend of glassfibre and Carbon-Kevlar. Fitted with adjustable position and angle footrest, ethafoam buoyancy, overstern or understern rudder.

No 11s Elite Carbon/Kevlar    K1=9.5KG    K2=17KG

Building on the success of the No.11 is the superior No 11S. With this variant, all glass materials in the hull are replaced with superior carbon, Kevlar and Carbon-Kevlar fabrics. In addition, measures are taken during the build to reduce the amount of resin in the laminate to improve the fibre density. This takes roughly 0.5kg off the weight of a K1 without compromising durability. K2s are reduced by approximately 1kg. For extra durability, we also finish by reinforcing the outside seam with high quality woven tape. A clear gelcoat all over is recommended.

No 14 Super lightweight    K1=8.5KG    K2=15KG

Using the latest innovations in resin and composite technologies, we're have developed a new range of sandwich constructions that produce light-weight and durable boats that are dent resistant and more affordable than ever. Stiffer than a traditional hand laminated craft, but with enough flex to absorb more impact damage, this vacuum construction it's a perfectly suited to marathon racing, general training and even sea use. We have a number of variations available to cover different disciplines. All boats are manufactured using infusion grade vinylester or post-cured epoxy resin, tough carbon/kevlar layers, and integrated tailored reinforcement and wear strips to match your choices of boat model.

Please note that this boat comes in opaque colours as standard. There will be an additional upgrade charges for a natural Carbon/Kevlar finish. A supplimentary Carbon upgrade is also available for those favouring stifness over toughness and weight-saving.

No 12. Ultra lightweight    K1 = 6-8KG    K2 = 12-14KG

Probably the best contruction on the market today. This elite vacuum bag construction for lightweight canoes and kayaks with hull stiffness comparable to the best wooden constructions. Our two step bagging process incorporates a blend of light-weight kevlar cloth abd woven glass fibres, with a core of premium quality rigid foam. The whole structure is vacuum bagged into place to give a maximum weight reduction, and triple joined at the seams for strength and stiffness.. Understern rudder is fitted as standard although overstern can be supplied instead at no extra cost. The no 12 construction as applied to K4 model may use carbon skins for extra stiffness on these very long boats. With standard K1 and K2 models, a light-weight Kevlar or Carbon-Kevlar cloth is available so you can choose if you want maximum weight-saving or increased durability.

Note: The weight of the craft as supplied will usually be under the class weight to allow for weight increases that may occur with ageing.



These are our standard constructions for Sprint Racing. Again, if you're after something specific or specialist then just shout

Our target is to produce all sprint boats to the minimum racing weight (K1=12kg, k2=18kg) irrespective of the construction choice. However, with larger boats it may not be possible to achieve this with the entry-level construction.

No 2. Budget

This G.R.P. sandwich construction is for deep water racing only. The hull is laminated with glassfibre on either side of a core material. This construction gives a stiffer laminate than No 1 at a similar cost.. Fitted with adjustable position and angle footrest, ethafoam buoyancy, understern rudder.

No 8. Extra Rigid

No 8 uses a carbon sandwich for a stiffer construction. The hull is laminated carbon on either side of a core material. For below weight results the hull should have a clear gel when the attractive weave of the carbon is shown. If a coloured hull is requested then the weight may stray over the minimum weight. Deck colour may be any colour to suit customer's requirements. Fitted with adjustable position and angle footrest, ethafoam buoyancy, understern rudder.

No 13. Ultra Rigid

A special epoxy resin construction with hull stiffness comparable to the best wooden constructions. Incorporates a blend of woven glassfibres, and Carbon fabrics with a core of Nomex honeycomb. The whole structure is vacuum bagged into place and heat cured to give a very rigid, structure. This construction has a gel coat finish. Fitted with adjustable position and angle footrest, overstern or understern rudder. 

Also consider our no 12. construction for sprint use. This will come in under weight for racing and is marginally less rigid, but it is more resilient to crack damage, due to the foam core, so this rugged construction is generally recommended by us.

Touring (Special)

Certain models have dedicated constructions options for additional strength and stiffness. 

NO 1s

No. 1S is a development on our premium fiberglass laminate. Weighing up to 2kg more than a No.1, the addition of a sandwich core layer and extra wear layers around the cockpit, give it a considerable stiffness advantage.

NO 10s. Tough tourer (Carbon-Kevlar)

This tough laminate was developed originally for competitive Scandinavian touring paddlers. Based on the No.11, the 10S Carbon-Aramid construction introduces a sandwich layer of stiffening beneath, and around the cockpit area, for extra rigidity and wear protection. The weight increate is circa 1kg.

No.1B Economy

A special for large club orders of at least five boats. We can offer the Economy constuction which is a slightly heavier No. 1 construction, has fewer layers in the laminate, and comes in white only. Available across most K1 boats in the range. All trim is grey and they come complete with standard footrests, standard 2-pin GRP seats and a rudder. The cockpit rims are finished with tape and hatch covers are inferior to our standard range. Please note that we cannot offer any customisation for Economy boats. Delivery dates will likely be significantly longer.

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